The Hive is an online slot machine.

The Reviews of the Hive Slot Machine

The newest installment of BetSoft’s collection of online slot games is a feel-good movie that comes packed with lots of goodies to keep players fascinated to their screens. There is a general trend toward the decline of slot machines that feature adorable animals, and we anticipate that The Hive will follow this trend as well given the vibrant imagery of the game, which includes a picturesque field and trees in the background as well as plenty of buzzing bees for you to feast your eyes on.

The Hive is anything like your typical slot machine game; it operates on a peculiar 3-4-5-4-3 hexagonal grid and has a total of 30 paylines for players to wager on. This might be pretty perplexing for novice players, so even while The Hive should definitely be on your list of games to try, you might want to start off by playing one of the easier slot games first, simply to get a sense of what slot games are all about. Or, if you want to get right down to business with the queen bee, all you have to do is click the I button in the bottom-left corner of the screen to get acquainted with the eccentric grid.

The Hive, like many other games developed by Betsoft, offers betting options suitable for players with varying amounts of money in their accounts. Since the smallest wager is just 0.10 pence and the maximum bet is £90, even high-stakes gamblers are invited to try their luck at this establishment. Although this slot has a low volatility and a maximum win that is equal to 378 times your wager, its return to player percentage of 96.97% is rather high. This indicates that you will likely have a higher frequency of wins, but you should not expect to win significant amounts very often.

How to Play the Online Slot Machine, “The Hive”

After registering for an account at one of the most popular online slot sites, just open up The Hive. From there, you may choose the quantity of your wager, and from that point on, you are pretty much set to play. Betsoft has also incorporated a convenient autospin option, which you can activate by simply hitting the button to the right of the spin button in the bottom right corner of your screen. This will cause the slot machine to spin automatically for you. In this section, you will choose the number of spins you want to play, the quantity of your wager, and the game will then calculate the overall cost.

The Bees, as suggested by the game’s name, take center stage in the online slot machine known as “The Hive.” You have the highest chance of winning if you are able to land the profitable bee symbol that is located inside the paytable. The ladybug and three flowers that are colored red, purple, and white represent the other higher paying symbols. The lower-paying symbols, which come in the shape of the A, K, Q, and J, are exactly the same as they would be in a typical poker deck, so any poker gamers out there would recognize them immediately.

Watch out for the swarming Bees of The Hive, which have a chance to spawn with every spin! These three are known as the Queen Bee, the Drone Bee, and the Worker Bee respectively. There are also some WILDs available in The Hive, and they come in the shape of Honey Bursts. During the Free Spins bonus round, these mouthwatering-looking delicacies appear and spread over the reels as the game progresses.

Naturally, Betsoft has optimized this slot game for play across a variety of platforms, including mobile devices, tablets, and desktop computers (iOS and Android).

Free spins, bonus rounds, and other features may be found in The Hive.

The Hive has a plethora of bonuses and additional features, all of which will keep you buzzing throughout the course of the game as the reels spin. You have a chance to call forth one of the three bees that are circling the honeycomb grid with each spin. These change positions by one turn in the clockwise direction with each spin and have a variety of impacts, which we shall discuss in more depth below.

Queen Bee

The Queen Bee, whose name suggests that she is the most extravagant, really is. The appearance of this buzzer waving a wand increases the number of additional bees that will swarm around the hive, so increasing the likelihood that you will win the gold.

Drone Bee

The Honey Meter will gradually fill up thanks to the Drone Bees, and once it does, you’ll be awarded some free spins. The greater the number of Drone Bees on patrol, the more quickly it will be occupied.

Worker Bee

A stacking multiplier is given by the Worker Bees, and its value rises in proportion to the amount of additional Worker Bees in the area around the Hive. The value of this item is equal to the number of Worker Bees plus one. Only the winning paylines that are aligned with a Worker Bee will have the multiplier applied to them.

Sticky Sweet Free Spins are another another feature of The Hive that will keep you captivated in front of the screen for as long as possible. When this occurs, the Drone Bees prove to be really helpful since, as they move around the hive, they bring the Honey Meter up by one level. Once it’s complete, you’ll be rewarded with five free spins to help you build up your bankroll.

Honey Burst Spreading WILDS will emerge on your grid while you are playing the Free Spins bonus round. After each spin, WILDs will move from their original location on the grid to a neighboring honeycomb cell, and they will continue to do so until the end of the free spins round. Yummy!

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