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Seven days prior today, I started a post by saying: Ten days have now passed since the privacy arrangement terminated regardless the ECB haven’t explained to us why they fired Kevin Pietersen. What are they sitting tight for? Make that seventeen days. In excess of a fortnight has passed – and almost twelve days since the book – and not a solitary word from Master’s. John Etheridge, cricket journalist of The Sun, had this to say on Dmitri Old’s blog today (where you can likewise peruse a captivating conversation on Watchman control of peruse remarks).

This is what is happening concerning the ECB reaction

Or then again absence of reaction. Clarke has been vigorously associated with the new ICC television bargain and has not spoken about Pietersen. Downton has chosen to not express anything for now. He could at the appropriate time. Bloom has been in touch secretly for certain columnists, denying Petersen’s cases, yet again not wishing to open up to the world at this stage. Their view is that they have no wish to get into a slanging coordinate with Pietersen, to stir up the fire or, to be sure, give the book considerably greater exposure.

A large portion of different players have a firm opinion about Petersen’s claims. They have been conversing with one another and one arrangement was for a player to tweet something – and different players would retweet as an indication of support. In any case, that was deserted. Not all players are on twitter. Some are on vacation. Maybe not all would have been arranged to retweet. It would for the most part have been muddled. So Cook chose to talk himself. He moved toward the BBC and welcomed them to talk with him. This was altogether off his own bat and nothing to do with the ECB.

Others associated with the Cinders visit have spoken Anderson Swann Gooch

They all say that Pietersen is off-base about harassing and different claims. Collingwood and Haggard are other previous partners who have repeated similar opinions – there was no harassing society. So that is where we’re at. I wouldn’t contradict you at all that Downton, as the Britain group overseeing chief, ought to have said something. He might well do in future. On the harassing front, as Simon saw on a similar string: We have to some degree by implication steady tweets from Tremlett and Carberry, and we likewise have the expression of George Dobell that two players explicitly are strong of what Pietersen has said (and that one of them may in practically no time open up to the world).

Up until this point, the cases of harassing by Anderson and Swann have been denied by, err, Anderson and Swann, as well as Gooch (a greater amount of whom later) – a then-individual from the executives far-fetched to break positions. Ricky Ponting and Graeme Smith, neither of whom have an undeniable plan, vouched for English intra-group harassing. Furthermore, last end of the week, Steve Harrison said: I could have done without the manner in which the players acted on occasion and they crossed a line.

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